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How does it come that there is such a big difference in price for a set of barrels?

The barrel importantly affects the arrow’s total weight and is decisive for the price. As it’s the contact point to the throwing hand, it’s important that it lies well in the fingers and doesn’t slide. The essential facts for the price are: The material: Barrels for beginners are mainly made of brass. The components copper and zinc are easy to work with and relatively cheap. The material composition of Nickel/Silver is the first upgrade. The precious metal (Silver) and the heavy metal (Nickel) are materials which are also easy to work with. The slightly higher density allows slimmer or shorter barrels at the same weight in comparison to brass. Tungsten is the highest quality material used for barrels. The heavy metal has a very high density and a high degree of hardness. This material requires a high degree of time and workmanship. Professional players prefer to play barrels with a higher percentage of Tungsten, because this gives them a slim dart with high weight and the possibility to play their darts very closely together. The processing: The demand needed to process a barrels surface, knurled, ringed, engraved, or Shark rills do also influence the value of a barrel, like refining does. Barrels can be lacquered, nickelplated, chromed, powder-coated or bronze-coated or with Textron coating. The black titan coating technique comes from the automobile industry. The black Titan-coated Tungsten barrel is extremely solid and has a low weight. The high quality finish of golden Titanium coating should satisfy the exclusive taste of a dart player. The EMPIRE® Dart laser engraving is standing for the high-quality workmanship of Tungsten.

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