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What’s the use of dart wallets?

Imagine you are standing on the board and the shaft of one of your darts breaks. There you are, scrabbling in all pockets of your trousers, shirt and jacket – and everybody is watch ing you! That’s absolutely unprofessional! Apart from your opponent who takes this all for a pure delaying tactic, and from the fact that it throws you of your playing rhythm. I would really be too embarrassed. It’s better in other words more professional if you choose a wallet or case from the large EMPIRE Dart assortment. With it you can not only safely transport your darts and all equipment, but you also have everything sorted and at hand at any time. You don’t need to lapse into hecticness and can keep calm, as you know: One grip into my dart wallet and I solved the problem. And this also goes down well with the competitors and the audience. Something that was not so good: My girlfriend also wanted to have such a wallet – “Because it comes in so useful and looks great as well!” And one day I’m standing together with my buddies from the EMPIRE Dart team and – cool smiling – I’m grasping at my darts in the wallet . And what do I pull out? Comb, lipstick and eye pencil! A classic case of mixing up the wallets. From sheer haste, I grabbed my girlfriend’s wallet! Of course there was a hooting and lots of stupid patter! In return I’m always grinning when others are searching for spare parts in their pockets!

What needs a premium dart?

1. Flight protector: keeps the wings of a flight in a 90° angle and protects against the next darts.

2. Flight: A flight in shape will stabilize the flight path of your darts.

3. Shaft spring: helps to hold the flight inserts of a nylon shaft tightly together for a firm hold of the flights.

4. Shaft: must be absolutely straight. It influences the weight and balance of a dart.

5. EMPIRE DART stamp: stands for the High-Quality finish of Tungsten

6. Barrel: has got the biggest influence on the Over-all-weight of a dart. Tungsten with its very high density and hardness is the highest quality material used for barrels.

7. E-Point® Tip: Tips must be hard to bend or break but easy to exchange. E-Points fulfil all these requirements. Experts and Professionals talk about them as the best dart tip of the world.

8. Dartbox: the convenient storage of completely assembled darts guarantees a save and gentle transport.


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Can darts be intolerant?

Yes – that’s a subject you would more likely expect in a health insurance funds’ magazine. But we also think about such things. But, what’s ment? Some people react on contact with certain metals like me on getting up on Monday morning – allergical! I only get a bad mood, but people with intolerance against metals are affected much worse. According to health insurance funds the most different indications are as follows: Pimples, headaches or having the runs – stomach upset with foreseeable end. So, our manufacturers produce our darts from as few different metals as possible, so this will not happen to you. Often they omit a sealing of the darts with nickel and chrome, instead of this they only polish the surfaces. Another advantage is that you can polish up the darts from time to time and your dermal acid will not make the nickel unsightly by and by. Furthermore, all plastics from which the flights and shafts are made of contain as little of the much discussed softeners as possible, to keep the danger of allergies lowest. And if it still comes to a stomach upset in the end, it could also have been the famous last beer which was too cold.

Self-made Darts?

The Brothers Wright had built (once upon a time) – after many experiments full of privation – a plane and flew with it. Not far, but at least they flew! With progressing technology we are today able to navigate airplanes with lightweight construction, to fly without engine power and even to navigate and to land motor planes without thrust. Exactly the same with darts! Nowadays you can build up your own darts – depending on requirements and weight – and start your own experiments! Have a look at our wide range of accessories: Here you can assemble different barrels according to material, weight, diameter and form, with short or long shafts, with different E-Point tips and different flights …. and you can test, test, test! And after your various experiments you will find out – at the end of your tests – that you have built up a dart that fits to you …. that “falls into your hand” and … with which you will hit on what you were aiming at! Sure: Haste makes waste, but: In the end you will have built up your one plane …. and it will fly, fly, fly … and will hit! By the way: The moon was neither be hit right from the start by the first missile!!!

Why are you only allowed to throw at a dart machine with an arrow not heavier than 18 grams?

To prevent from muscle soreness after eight hours of throwing! All jokes aside – the answer is strictly technical. The Dart board consists of plastic burling (except, from the segment surrounding “Spider”) – they take the thrown darts up and hold them. They do not “thicken” themselves conical inwards due to production and the dart tips will hit with the full power of the throw (although the dart tips themselves gain size from the tip up to the barrel) to the visible ground plate of the board. Behind it there is a circuit board (made of glass fiber mats saturated with, it is electronically connected with the machine’s calculator, it is responding to minimum pressure and is installed on the back side of a segment of the dartboard) that passes on the strike to the calculator of the dart machine. These circuit boards are constructed for a maximum pressure that a tough thrown dart with a complete weight up to 18 grams can reach. If you throw a dart with a higher weight on the dart machine, the circuit board will mostly suffer a fracture which no doctor will be able to put in plaster. It thus has to be replaced, what will lead to high costs, game relocations, annoyance of players, etc. The demand for thicker circuit boards will lead to nowhere – too expensive, what else!

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