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How is a dartboard built up?

faq aufbau boardFrom the center to outside the Electronic dartboard is divided as follows (mm-specifications refer to inside dimension):
Bull's Eye 13 mm
Outer Bull 35 mm
Single Target Little 77 mm
Treble Ring 9 mm
Single Target Big 52 mm
Double Ring 9 mm
Figures Ring 50 mm

What are the characteristics of Steel Dartboards?

Of course: That thing is round, the numbers are always in the wrong place and it’s made out of wood and pig bristles. Well “round” is correct, the numbers are where they have to be and the board is made of – at least Steel Dartboards – plywood with pressed and coloured sisal bristles which is wheat similar to our oat. But there can be remarkable differences which are of course reflected by the price of the board. I am talking about the spider – the wire which separat - es the different segments of the surface. On “ordinary” boards it’s a round wire which is stabled onto the surface. Very good boards use a triangular steel which is pressed onto the bristles to give less resistance and to be a smaller target – here because of the missing staples. Because of all the mentioned reasons these boards last much longer, bouncers are very seldom and … the professionals on TV play on these boards, too!!!!

What kind of dartboards are there?

faq boards

In the international E-dart sports two standard board sizes established: On the one hand the Merkur/Löwen board with a diameter of 34.0 cm, and on the other hand the American Darts board with a diameter of 39.5 cm, in each case measured up to the outside Double ring. And depending on the board’s size is the game tactic. With the Merkur/ Löwen board you mainly target at Treble 20 for scoring. Double Ring and Treble Ring are here much smaller with only two rows of holes. Despite of misses you still have a chance to win, because the probability of misses is also very high for your opponent. Having five rows of holes, Double Ring and Treble Ring with the American Darts board are much bigger. Nevertheless, players do not prefer scoring on it. This is because in case of having misses, the risk, that the opponent will flash by uncatchably, would be decisively higher. Thus the bigger board pardons mistakes less than the smaller board. For that reason players prefer targeting at the Bull’s Eye for scoring.

Perfect removal of the darts from steel and E-dartboards. How does it works best?

Basically, always as straight as possible, so pull out horizontally. In doing this, maximally turn the darts 90 degrees. Everything else is at the expense of the boards and the tips. In my experience, the easiest way is, just with tight throws, to grasp the complete dart with your fist, lay the heel of hand onto the board and jerkily pull out the dart. For a bit lighter thrown darts on E-dartboards, it’s sufficient to use the thumb and the second phalanx of the forefinger, square to the thumb and parallel to the board – a jerk and the plastic fingers open the force fit around the tip. Very important: Use only undamaged and firmly tightened tips. Also a lengthways well-sharpened steel dart is not only good for the throw – it sticks better and has less bouncers – but also for the board. Unfortunately many players pull out the dart across and thereby damage the fine tiny hairs of the sisal fiber.

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