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How important is the dart’s tip?

The tip is the part of the dart-arrow which is burdened strongest. It depends on the tip’s condition whether an optimal throw does score. Therefore the tips have to be extremely flexible and unbreakable. They should fit firmly on the barrel, but they should to be exchanged quickly during the game, too. The original E-Point tip is one of the best worldwide.

What hides behind the E-Point tips by EMPIRE Dart?

Original E-Point® dart tips are marked with an engraved »E« and are exclusively available at EMPIRE Dart. Soft tips must be extremely resistant against breaking and being bent. They must have a tight fit but must also be easy to change. Original E-Points® fulfil all these requirements. They are amongst the best worldwide. The reason is: A special high-tech polycarbonate material is being used which increases the life expectance up to 400 % in comparison to other plastic dart tips. That’s why you should always ask for the tips with the engraved »E«.

You’ll be enthusiastic about them:
• No breaking when thrown or pulled out.
• Secure hold of the darts and thus easy to be extracted.
• No more game interruptions because of “stuffed” dartboards.
• No more anger because of broken tips.

Extra advantage with short tips:
• Ideal for exact hits and higher scores.
• Heavy darts will remain straight in the board after being thrown, they won’t hang down.

Why are there different threads for dart tips?

At present there are two different tips: One has got a 6mm thread and is used for slim darts. This one is called »2 BA«. The other one has got a 8mm thread and is used in heavier darts where the point of balance is further in front of the barrel – this one is called »1/4«”. Let’s got into details: In order to use a thick tip the hole inside the barrel must be drilled out bigger and yet there must be enough material around it, to avoid breaking should the dart fall down on the floor. Suitable for that are bully barrels which are mainly made of brass with a lower specific weight (density and hardness). In opposite to that there are thin barrels – like the ones made of 97 % Tungsten with a high specific weight – made with thin threads for tips, in order to get slim darts. The trend for 2BA E-Point tips is going towards short version. A special version are tips with M3 thread inside. Here the M3 tip is screwed onto the external M3 thread of the barrel. They are suitable for EMPIRE M3 arrows only. Because we, the EMPIRE Dart team, are using the newest technologies the trend goes to »2 BA« tips. Because we are using a special polycarbonate high-tech material, we can guarantee (no matter if »2 BA« or »1/4«”, short or long) highest degree of physical resilience for our E-Points!

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