E M P I R E   D a r t .   Q u a l i t y   e q u i p m e n t    f o r    s o f t   a n d   s t e e l   d a r t   s i n c e   1 9 7 8 .

EMPIRE Dart M3. Progress by technology.

ed m3 skizzeThrough the innovative development of the patented M3 high technology a great dream of all ambitious dart players was realized successfully. Extremely slim, enormously fast and a maximum of precision. And of course in premium quality 90% Tungsten. In difference to conventional darts the M3 barrel is equipped with an external thread for assembling the shafts and tips. Instead of screwing the thread of the tip or shaft into the dart, it is screwed onto the external M3 thread.
With 17-25% more mass the volume of the dart is shifted outwards without a weight loss, and the dart becomes decisively slimmer. The equally distributed mass results in the ideal balance. The effects are tremendous. The decreased air resistance ensures earlier flight stabilization and an improved flight dynamics. This results in an excellent devotion to the flight path. One single blink of an eye and the dart is on its way to the target. The significant super slim form allows a closer placement and an improved scoring. Empire Dart M3 demands you to play, to experience the dynamics and to fathom the potential of success. Accept the challenge. Increase efficiency. Control the game. Experience the new dart.


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