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How do different flights change the flight characteristics of my dart arrow?

A nice question by Tony from Cologne. Flights stabilize the trajectory of your dart arrow. EMPIRE Dart offers a great variety of shapes and materials. You’ll find out only by trying which one is the best for you. As almost always in real life, the size is important. Similar to a jet plane, where the jets are installed far backwards, the center of gravity will displace towards the rear, in order to give the plane a maximum thrust and to allow an easy takeoff at a low speed. Besides this, small wings installed on a small missile offer only low stability and with too little thrust, also low airworthiness. That means: Short darts with a small flight will need more throwing power to reach the board, longer darts with a bigger flight will need considerable less power. However, you should bear in mind that, the bigger the flight and the dart body (barrel and shaft) are – the more the complete dart arrow’s center of gravity will displace towards the rear, so backwards. Then you’ll have to hold the dart farther backwards to have a constant throw. By the way: If you want to know where your dart arrow’s center of gravity is, then lay it across your outstretched middle finger and equilibrate it till it lies still – and there it is: the center of gravity.

How to treat your flights correctly.

Anyone who doesn’t love his flight will have again and again a new one on the shaft for to try …. or so! The flight cares for an accurate flight, provided that you care for it fondly and treat it carefully. It shouldn’t be torn off the dart again and again and then vanish buckled in the pocket or somewhere else. Here the purchase of a dart wallet, dart box or dart case, where the arrow can be kept in completely assembled until it will be used again, could be profitable.This has following advantages: An annoying assembling does not apply (the darts are so to speak always combat-ready!). The flights don’t have to be constantly replaced owing to wearing out, and they keep their shape, as for an ideal flight the blades must always have a right angle to each other. Just imagine, that the wings (ok, in fact wing units …) of an airplane, where you are sitting in, would have a technically, as aerodynamically impossible angle to each other. The jalopy would downright crash! And the same with the flights of your darts, which will have much better flight characteristics, when they have a right angle (90 degrees) to each other. Nobody wants, that these little things will crash, or do you?

Which shape or material of flights helps me score higher?

Flights stabilize the flight path of your dart. Empire Dart offers 15 different shapes and many materials. Which flight is the best for you, you will only find out by trying. Generally speaking, the bigger the flight the more it helps to stabilize your dart. The material is mainly responsible to keep the flight in shape.

Does it matter which flight or shaft I use?

The dart will fly with short and long shafts, with small as well as with big flights – no doubt. But to attune your sports equipment optimal to yourself you should test some combinations. Basically, especially to beginners I recommend a bigger flight – the dart’s stabilizer – as it prevents the dart from a sinking of the back part and carries the dart wide with a low strain. What role plays the shaft material? The big advantage of aluminium and brass shafts is, that they have a high specific weight and thus are pretty slim. If they fall to the ground, they mostly get a knock and are partly concorted, what isn’t to be seen at first sight. This modification in the material’s structure cannot be undone any more, the flight of the dart, however, will unavoidably change. The plastic resp. nylon shaft is mostly quite thicker. But its advantage is, that it deforms only elastically when falling down and comes back to its original form in the end. At worst it breaks at the barrel’s end, what in 99.9% of all cases results from a hard ground floor. So make your own decision what kind of shaft is the right one for you, because you have to throw with it in the end!

Is a flight protector generelly necessary?

Made of the most fantastic materials, artfully illustrated, attached on a shaft, put into the optimal form and then being splitted from behind by a following dart, almost being shot down! And why? For lack of a flight protector, a part that would not only have held my wings in a right angle, but would also have protected me from assassination by dart arrows. So or similar, the short story of a flight’s life, a flight which was being sent on his flight without protector, that should have been installed on his rear. You don’t need to have any misgivings because of an increase in weight, as this pipsqueak weighs less than one hundredth of a gram. In spite of everything it’s a good protection and should not be missing on every flight of a league player!

How bad is a damaged flight?

One counter-question, dear Petra: Should we take a plane with a damaged tail unit? Hem … short deliberating … no, better not! No matter how serious the damage on a stabilizer is – and that’s what the dart flight and the plane’s tail unit are – it should be repaired or the damaged part should be replaced. Well, small cracks or notches in a flight are not quite as tragically as dents or holes in a plane’s tail unit. But nevertheless the darts’ flight is already restive and thus inaccurate. However these are the essential elements as well when playing darts as when flying. Responsible for this are the so called stalls: The air can’t pass the flight undisturbed, but is refracted and causes whirls which bring the dart out off balance. Not one single body we know till today will be able to arrive at where it ought to without balance. This would be a trick that could only work by chance. In short: Proceed with your damag­ed flights the same way aviation engineers do with damaged tail units – replace them.

Is the colour of the flight important?

Indeed, the colour is not unimportant. Imagine how a black flight appears on a black segment, at that with a black shaft. The backmost part of the dart might then not be clearly visible. This also applies to transparent flights. They are a bit more invisible. When precisely arranging your darts on the board this can be a disadvantage, but this also depends on your individual visual acuity. There are a lot of professional players, who only play darts with transparent or black flights. Flights with neon colours or white applications are a good alternative. There are plenty of them in all shapes in this EMPIRE Dart catalogue. Furthermore, you can also find the flights of the professionals in our sales program. Of course, professionals know how to arrange their darts on the board in such a way that the flight does not or barely block the view at the segments. They use flights, that suit their liking and that also can be found in our catalogue. For us, the “common darters” applies: Play it safe – but it does not hurt to get a taste of the professional league.

Does the number of flight blades have anything to do with the flight characteristics?

For sure! There are two different types: Flights with three resp. four blades. While the flight with four blades (four blades in an angle of 90 degrees around the rotation axis) with the well-known specifications “air cushion at bottom side and pull at upper side”, is more suitable for a flight with less rotations, the flight with three blades (three blades in an angle of 120 degrees around the rotation axis) is something special for players who send the dart on its way with a rotation when throwing. As this flight in principle is missing one blade, it has less air drag while rotating and thus is able to stabilize the dart faster while flying. This flight is suitable for all players, as nobody can throw a dart without any rotation. And now have a go at our “TriFin” and try to improve your throw with it! Before I forget: A clear NO to those people who are wondering if there will be a further development with two blades only – this flight would lose height backwards and would give the dart a game-deciding change of direction into the wall!

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