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Which distances have to be considered when playing dart?

To reach a perfect result everywhere, the dart boards always have to be installed in the same height and the players always have to throw from the same distance. The exact tournament height is at 173 cm, measured from the centre of the board (Bull’s Eye) down to the floor. The arrows are thrown at e- dartboards in internationally accepted standard at a distance of 237 cm . New rules from 2016. With steel dart boards the traditional distance is 237cm. Important: The distances are always measured from the leading edge of the dart board, not from the wall!

When is it allowed to trespass the throwing line after having thrown the darts?

Please stick to following “unwritten law”: The throwing line must not be trespassed by the thrower before the dart is in the board. Otherwise “diving fallaway shots” would be possible and would lead to an advantage regarding the throwing distance. The throwing line may only be trespassed during a round, if settings on the dart automat have to be carried out, but even then the opponent has to agree.

Do I have to throw directly from the throwing line?

From 2016 is the internationally recognized rules : Minimum distance of 2.37 m (instead of 2.44 m at Löwen Dart) – you must not approach closer. But should you once get into the following situation, consider my advice for this example: The first two arrows are sticking so badly in the Treple 20, that from your position you can’t see a place for the third one. Now you can (and may) do the following: Go one step aside and throw from this place. Should the throwing line not be long enough, you can stand at the so called fictive (not viewable) extension of this line and throw the dart from there, provided that you are not closer to the board than you would be from the viewable throwing line. So you have to imagine that the line is at the place where you need it and throw from there. But thereby keep in mind, that you need more throwing power for a perfect hit because of the larger distance. Should you be a player that normally throws on Löwen Dart automats but now be confronted with another system (e.g. Merkur), when standing closer to the board, you can go back as far as you want. This is allowed by the rules of all associations.

Is there any dress code at tournaments?

Yes, there is a dress code, but only for the leg wear! The worldwide standard is to come to a stage play with long black trousers. Black skirts are allowed for the ladies. However, the reason for black is not that it is chic, but it is needed for the television broadcasts. The stage at final tournaments is completely illuminated. White or coloured trousers or skirts would reflect too much in the cameras. With outerwear it can be the same problem, but here the dart associations and tournament hosts do not dictate any dress code to the participants. However, the most players wear dark shirts, as they know the problem. The only exception is Wayne Mardle, who always wears Hawaiian shirts when playing darts. Take a look at the new shirts in our catalogue and imagine how good you look wearing them on the stage! Of course there are not only regulations but also prohibitions. You must not wear headpieces, gloves and head phones, as well as shirts with swear-words or advertising for drugs on them. Sports shoes are not explicitly forbidden, but unwanted. Who breaches rules or prohibitions can even be excluded from or not be permitted to the tournament. So always take black clothes for the final game with you, as you may need them!

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