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What is better: Steel or E-Dart?

Recently a reader of the EMPIRE Dart catalogue asked me, which kind of dart would be better. He wasn’t satisfied when I answered him: “The one with dart arrows!”. He wanted to know: Steel or electronic dart. As I’m always exerting myself for earnestness, I thought about it and wrote to him the following: “Primarily this is a question of personal preference. I myself still play on steel and electronic darts. Whereat I believe, that classical steel dart is intellectually more demanding. At steel dart I’ll not get calculated in advance which are the possible varieties for throwing, with which Double I can finish the game, how many points I have scored and in which round I’m at present. I’ve to calculate all that by myself. I have fun with thinking about all options and calculating in my head. On the other side, electronic dart is very comfortable, as after a lost game I’ll not have to do the writing for the next game, instead I can drown my frustration in a nice cool beer. A further “better kind of dart” doesn’t exist. So try out both and play, what is most suitable for you.

Do I need arrows with a higher weight for steel dart?

This question was asked by Elmar P. (16 years) from S., together with a fantastic picture – thanks for it! As you already know, you are only allowed to use dart arrows with a maximum weight of 18 gram for Electronic Dart, in order to protect the dart machine resp. its circuit board from breaking. However, if you want to change to a steel dartboard, there are the following possibilities: You keep on throwing your E-darts on the board, of course also with soft tips. Those will then ruin the board by and by because of their wide tips but it will work at least. The other possibility is to look for steel tips for your E-darts in this catalog, screw steel tips with the corresponding increase in weight on your darts and prevent your board from excessive aging. Coming back to your question, Elmar: The Steel Dart organisations only specify the maximum weights and measure-ments of the darts used in official leagues and tournaments: 30.5 cm length and a total weight of 50 gram! That means anything that is not heavier and longer than this mammoth dart (and hopefully looks like a dart) may be thrown at a steel dartboard – and what’s beyond it is called javelin!

Dartboard Surround for Steel – what’s that?

An interesting question from Ingo L from Neuss who wants to know: “Is there another possiblity to protect the wall from hits outside the board, except of a shelf behind the dart board?” First I intended to advise Ingo to cease throwing at all because of disability, otherwise, it also happened to me, too … but don’t pass it on! On that occasion I pilfered an oddment of a heavy curtain of brocade from my grandma’s cellar and draped it on the wall behind the board. But after further throws the wall looked still the same as without the curtain – the only improvement was, that the holes were hidden behind it. In search of a more useful protection I addressed to my colleagues from the purchasing department, who on their part have gone hunting for this – and they found the ultimate remedy against wall- and wallpapers damaging throws: The dartboard surround in a visual contrast to the board! This ring fits exactly round the steel dartboard, it’s made of a special foamed material and coated with synthetic material. And the best is: The dartboard surround is substantively cheaper than repair of the wall or replacement of the wallpapers.

Is it possible to get used to E-dart and steel-dart at the same time?

This question was put from Patrick H. on our EMPIRE Dart Facebook-Auftritt. Thanks a lot for this! It is quite possible to acquire both games simultaneously. What's most important: Use your own darts for both games! Therefore you have the following options: You throw with your soft-darts on to both boards, of course with the plastic tips and a maximum total weight of 18 g, otherwise you will damage the E-dart board respectively its circuit boards. Granted, plastic tips are not really a wellness program for the steel board, but you can play at least. Or better, if you want to increased weight for steel-dart: Look in the great EMPIRE Dart catalog for corresponding steel tips for your soft-darts, screw this steel tips together with the corresponding bolts for weight increase on to the barrel, and thus achieve a higher weight for steel dart. Same arrow, same grip, same throw feeling.

Perfect removal of the darts from steel and E-dartboards. How does it works best?

Basically, always as straight as possible, so pull out horizontally. In doing this, maximally turn the darts 90 degrees. Everything else is at the expense of the boards and the tips. In my experience, the easiest way is, just with tight throws, to grasp the complete dart with your fist, lay the heel of hand onto the board and jerkily pull out the dart. For a bit lighter thrown darts on E-dartboards, it’s sufficient to use the thumb and the second phalanx of the forefinger, square to the thumb and parallel to the board – a jerk and the plastic fingers open the force fit around the tip. Very important: Use only undamaged and firmly tightened tips. Also a lengthways well-sharpened steel dart is not only good for the throw – it sticks better and has less bouncers – but also for the board. Unfortunately many players pull out the dart across and thereby damage the fine tiny hairs of the sisal fiber.

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